Submission and Participation Requirements 

Thank you for your interest in participating in our event. We welcome all presentation and video styles, so long as they are high quality and thoughtfully produced. If you have advanced production capabilities, please feel free to submit stylized or edited videos. Please ensure that sound quality, and proper lighting are taken into consideration. 

FILES MUST BE IN MP4 FORMAT (windows media player files cannot be accepted) and can be between 720p – 1080p in resolution. 

Video Length Guidelines: 

  • Keynote  Max 20 minutes
  • 5 Minute Power Pitches Max 5 minutes

For participants who do not know how to create their video content, we have created a simple video that will walk you through the requirements, along with how to record and save a voiceover for your presentation. Please watch the video at the bottom of this page for more information. 


Please use the form below to make your submission.

*Your video file will be submitted through the link below  the form in order to make large file transfers easier. 

*Incomplete submissions cannot be considered. Please fill out all required fields. 

To submit your video files, please use the following link to send your file to our private dropbox folder. 

Expect about 1hr per GB of file size for uploading. Please be patient and ensure your file upload completes successfully. 

How to turn a powerpoint into a video file, with a voice over. 

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