Introduction to the symposium  

Isaac Lund – VP of Business Development GDI

0:00:01   Hello. My name is Isaac London. Um, the host of the Silicon Animal Symposium that is put on by the
0:00:09   military power sources Committee Want to say welcome. And I hope you enjoy this symposium A za quick
0:00:18   note The military power Sources Committee I za form for its members to share information, provide
0:00:27   feedback and basically be the connection between the voice of the customer on the government and
0:00:34   military side with what is happening over an industry. The military Power Sources Committee is part
0:00:42   of the manufacturing arm of the India.
0:00:47   So, uh, this is a virtual seminar seminar and a new effort of the military power sources consortium.
0:00:57   Uh, normally, the military car sources consortium puts on in person events. But as of the current
0:01:07   events, we decided thio try to start putting on the's informational virtual seminars on different
0:01:16   hot topics of interests. On the goals of these is to try toe, improve the knowledge base of all the
0:01:24   members, uh, increase the networking between India so on the government side and different committee
0:01:33   members, some or on the industry side, on increase visibility of critical issues with the ultimate
0:01:40   goal of the culmination. This symposium is to draft a white paper that says, uh lays out specific
0:01:51   strategies and different issues that we have within the Silicon Nano topic. So for the topics for
0:01:59   the upcoming symposium right now, we're on the silicon Anote symposium. As you're tuning into, uh,
0:02:08   in March, we're looking at putting on an advanced battery charging and battery management, uh,
0:02:16   systems, uh, symposium, uh, looking at doing a North American supply chain for lithium mine
0:02:24   batteries and a recycling symposium. This well, And then next month in conjunction with the net
0:02:33   conference, we will be good performance, an open member meeting. And this kind of brings me to my
0:02:41   next point. The military Power Sources committee is a volunteer run organization. So you know me,
0:02:50   James Mark Gator. Oh, put in our own effort in time, Thio organize CIA's events, right? And so, if
0:03:01   you are a in Jews, er, manufacturer, developer research, you know, energy storage or energy
0:03:10   generation devices on and you want, you know, a certain topic addressed or you wanna let's say you
0:03:17   have a hot topic or have idea for a symposium. Please feel free to reach out thio Any three of us or
0:03:26   any of the other military power sources committee members on. We will get you connected and also get
0:03:34   your feedback integrated either into a new consortium, the new symposium, right or into a currently
0:03:44   existing format.
0:03:48   So today's event is hosted by a G D. I. Our graph. Phoenix Development Incorporated, where a
0:03:56   manufacturer of high energy and high power Electra's utilizing scale blow Capex processes, um so
0:04:05   were co located in the Kodak research labs. Um, some of the highlights, uh, some of the
0:04:15   announcements that that we have today is We're just awarded a grant under Crab, which is a
0:04:22   consortium for research of extreme batteries and consortium between three Army research labs in the
0:04:29   University of Maryland to create the fast charging, high energy, intrinsically safe batteries. We're
0:04:38   also selected to be part of, uh, you know, energies, latest cohort and part of their runaway
0:04:44   accelerator. Basically, beach heading or penetration into Europe and then, as part of net that way
0:04:54   will be presenting as one of the top 10 emerging companies working on advanced battery technologies.
0:05:02   So that would be on the Thursday's session of net bad, along with some other highlights such as a
0:05:09   six K and solid power. So, um, if you wanna any more information about my company or what we dio you
0:05:17   could reach out to my CEO who's, you know, email is there or me personally, who's the VP of business
0:05:24   development with my email below. With that, here's the agenda for today's presentation Uh, this for
0:05:36   today's symposium. Uh, it should be a interesting and informative symposium. We lined up some really
0:05:45   exciting speakers that will speak on all different factors of silicon and notes all the way, all the
0:05:53   way down from, you know, right raw materials and costs, right. A swell as production to, you know,
0:06:01   scale. Oh, and integration all the way up to some of the other factors such as, you know,
0:06:09   electrolytes, pre litigation, etcetera. So at the end of today's scheduled symposium, starting at
0:06:19   around 12 40 Pacific time, we will be having a live panel basically a round table with a with the
0:06:28   speakers, and we will try to be answering all of the audience questions. Uh, some of them may be,
0:06:35   you know, lingering on which we will answer in, uh, either follow up emails or in kind of a white
0:06:43   paper. So thank you, Andi, I hope you enjoy the symposium.