Atomic Layer Deposition Platform in Luxembourg Institute of Science and Technology

Noureddine Adjeroud – Luxembourg Institute of Science and Technology


What is LIST? 
The Luxembourg Institute of Science and Technology (LIST) is an RTO Research and Technology Organisation that develops technology solutions.
The ALD CoEx is dedicated to the research and application of ALD to many different fields and industries.
ALD CoEx has the capacity to grow nano-metric scale materials on silicon wafer but also on a substrate that replicates the real-world product they will operate in.


0:00:01   Hello, everyone. And welcome to this presentation about the Atomic Layer Deposition Development
0:00:07   Center and the latest emerging application. My name is Nuruddin. I'm coming to you from the N I s t
0:00:15   in Luxembourg where I am the engineer in charge off the platform.
0:00:25   So I hope that wherever you are today, at home or at your office, you are enjoying this virtual
0:00:31   event and that everything is good for you. I would just thanks Force Nano for putting this event
0:00:38   together. This is indeed a really opportunity for the l d community to share our latest work. So to
0:00:47   start out today, I'm going to give a general description off the least development center. And then
0:00:53   I will give you five example off the latest work that we have done and published. So the Luxembourg
0:00:59   Institute of Science and Technology is active in the field of tender materials. We also have a true
0:01:06   passion for a lady. Things bring together a critical mass off researchers and innovative expert to
0:01:13   develop innovative and competitive solutions.
0:01:19   So least own an L. D technology platform that will talk to industrial. Our platform is made of
0:01:26   complimentary tool for the development of innovating. Innovative coating. Our coding can be done on
0:01:34   any type off substrate. This can be flat materials, but also complex three D objects. It can be
0:01:43   textile membrane or even powder by the use off three designed bed reactor.
0:01:53   So I'm gonna walk you through the latest work that has been done and published over the last two
0:01:59   years. So to start with, we have been working a lot on multi layers. As you can see on the picture
0:02:08   there, we are able to create meaty layer off, um, office and poly crystalline materials. We can also
0:02:18   do doping off film using the same technique,
0:02:27   our knowledge course also into coating membranes. You can see on this example mom brain before the
0:02:35   coating and after the coating. On this specific example, we have coated a silicon membrane with
0:02:41   titanium dioxide films. The film is highly conform er and uniforms off a very large fair face in
0:02:51   same IEDs, we have coated aluminum on brain. Here you can see a cross section, and until the
0:03:01   pictures off the films over increasing number off a lady cycles, you can see on the top left the
0:03:09   membrane, the trenches without a coating and then different type of coating.
0:03:16   Recently we have started working on deposition off metal IQ films by P E i l d. Um, What is nice to
0:03:26   notice is that the process that we have developed produced a film that is highly conform or even on
0:03:34   a difficult structures.
0:03:42   One off the work that has been published over the last two years or so is a work on porous materials
0:03:49   like polls, silicon oxide. We have developed a film that enable a very fast growth off porous
0:03:59   material with different potential applications in L. I s t. We believe that l d films need to be
0:04:10   adapted to the application. We also believe that the films need to be adapted to the market and to
0:04:17   our partner. Most of all, we believe that having a multi disciplinary team make a big difference.
0:04:27   Many companies can sell you an L D tool. Many companies can supply you with a chemical. However, it
0:04:36   is more complicated to find the right partner that will developed the film for your application. It
0:04:45   happened that in n i s t we are making great feeling by LD do you want to try? Thank you very much.