Roll-to-roll ALD for Lithium-ion Batteries 

Session Notes:


Dr. Tommi Kaariainen

Beneq Inc. 




ALD films can be used to improve the Lithium-ion battery performance significantly. Roll-to-roll ALD is an industrial high throughput method to produce these highly conformal ALD films on flexible substrates. This makes roll-to-roll ALD attractive method for manufacturing of Lithium-ion battery materials. In this presentation we give a short introduction to Beneq WCS 600 roll-to-roll ALD platform and equipment performance.

0:00:06   Hello, everyone. Welcome to this Technology review with Ben IQ. The whole of ale de. My name is Lee,
0:00:13   and and I'll be your host today. Here, with me is my colleague, Dr Tommy. Got the idea. Hey there,
0:00:21   Tommy. Highly. How are you? I'm doing great. So we have very exciting topic today. Um, for those of
0:00:30   you who have been following the particle ile de technology at its conference, you may have heard of
0:00:37   applications for batteries living my own batteries. And, um, on this talk, we'd like to present an
0:00:46   alternative application or approach featuring spatially lt Ben IQ. We'd like to call it a rule to
0:00:53   rule a l D. And, uh, to get started Taught me, um why ailed de for batteries? Sure. Thank you, Lee.
0:01:04   So, alien General, it's a technology to deposit extremely thin, conform well and being hold free
0:01:11   films and various types of substrates. And he's saying feeling characteristics have also proven to
0:01:17   improve battery performance and safety. So we're older. Lady is an industrial hello cost and high
0:01:24   throughput methods to produce these high performance materials for next generation lithium ion
0:01:29   batteries. So a lee has been studied for leaving my battery materials for years already, and he's
0:01:37   very active field of reserves nowadays, for example, yeah, for example, less than a centimeter thick
0:01:45   protective coating on battery electrodes improves the capacity stability tremendously, the way the
0:01:52   coatings can also improve. To step a lady and performance of separator film. It's being on over and
0:01:58   Kath order, and this is related to battery safety. So oh, potential baby is not limited to improve
0:02:08   the current living mind battery materials and consequently the battery performance, but also enabled
0:02:16   the development of next generation battery technologies. So unique features off fail D God be used
0:02:22   to develop materials and structures for all solid state batteries, including the electrolytes and
0:02:28   high aspect ratio treaty electrodes. And this role troll A and E is an ideal method for producing
0:02:38   sub nanometer thick films on flexible substrates with high throughput matter. This also makes it
0:02:44   very attractive for manufacturing off high performance lifting wind batteries. Uh, Tommy, a lot of
0:02:52   the listeners may be new to rules role eso how How would you compare that with the particle ile de
0:02:59   approach?
0:03:02   There is a wealth instead, off Gordon particles and voter form, you can deposit date of the film on
0:03:09   cathode materials there, particles already embedded on one foil this flexible and paroles electoral
0:03:16   materials well suited for rotor layer the process.
0:03:23   So whether the approach this particle ale, de or role to role A and B we can conform early called
0:03:30   the High Aspect praises structures by this method or with these methods
0:03:38   on Brexit off fever. It's about the principle off roll to roll a in being. So the rotary, really the
0:03:47   precursors are Montini's resupplied onto substrates your face through the pictures of channels. In
0:03:53   this example B, c, T and may and border for depositing aluminum oxide. So precursor channels are
0:03:59   separated with exhaust lines on dinner gas general forgetting nitrogen onto substrate surface on the
0:04:07   Lt films deposited on the substrate when it passes thes precursor results
0:04:14   so identical we, uh, we've had this product since 2013. Eso is something that we really we pioneered
0:04:24   the design of curricula, Tommy, maybe share some of the highlight of features of this tool. Sure,
0:04:33   I'd be happy. So the's our public you see as 600 culturally L d platform. With this tool, we can
0:04:46   basically deposit. They'll gay films on 500 millimeter wide Web's uh on. We also have a plans in
0:04:54   place. Excuse me. The Apple also plans in place for a few to scale up, increasing the according with
0:05:03   this WCS platform so the system can be passed it. They'll give teams on various types off substrate
0:05:13   materials, including metal foils, former webs, onda, a flexible classes. Well, uh, we have
0:05:21   demonstrated several alien materials with this system already, and there are many other materials
0:05:27   feasible for role for a lady. The system come deposited the film set up to 350 Celsius with line
0:05:36   speed off up to 30 meters per minute.
0:05:42   Basically, we can run this tour with do different coding. Had motes ana the peace slight, we were 3%
0:05:58   a static according head mode where the Haley coating had is kept stationary while lettuce passing
0:06:06   rail D head. With this more we get the high the web speed, but we compensate in a LTE feel thickness
0:06:15   on in numbers. That means 30 meters per minute in web speed on bond roughly one centimeter thick
0:06:23   failed another way or more off. Using these tools are escalating, quoting had mode. So by this more
0:06:32   we get higher film thickness, but we compensate in web speed on. In this case, the numbers are one
0:06:43   meter per minute for roughly 10 centimeter thick. Film. Tommy, I just have a question. So can the
0:06:51   user of this platforms switch between these tools or that these two modes Sorry. Yes. So the system
0:07:01   is can be used by both Moz on can be easily Jerson based on application and speaking applications
0:07:14   who have been the early adopters of this technology. So the main drivers for for developing growth
0:07:23   related, he has being basically the high performance moisture barrier applications. And namely,
0:07:29   these are all it applications on flexible substrates and flexible electron ICS in general.
0:07:38   Interesting. Do you have any performance data that we can look at? Sure. Uh, this slide the we
0:07:50   present the aluminum oxide, which is in general a favorable for a D. And it's that for older
0:07:56   Aurelius well, so the process run at 100 cells use. We get uniformity across the 100 millimeter wide
0:08:06   wet within the plus minus 2% and the longer due to no direction within plus minus 0.8%.
0:08:18   And in this light, the same as an members from thickness measurements.
0:08:27   Thanks, Tommy. Um, we can definitely see that L. D is an enabling technology in the future. As of
0:08:34   today, though, really isn't yet mainstream application for batteries. So is that down to a lack of
0:08:43   production scale equipments? Do you think? Yes, I think so. But we definitely see a panic that A and
0:08:52   E's an enabling technology for high performance lithium ion batteries. No one in the future. And
0:08:59   this is not only proven by research and battery materials, but also by the development of industrial
0:09:05   gay Scalea equipment now available for this application.
0:09:13   Excellent. Thank you, Tommy. Um, I guess that was a great overview and insightful introduction to
0:09:21   roll to roll. Um, at this point, I'll say a few words for those of those of the audience that may be
0:09:29   new to Ben IQ as a company. So we are proud. Teoh celebrate Bennack as home avail D The story really
0:09:40   began back in 1974 with the invention of veiled day by Dr Double muscled cattle here in Finland,
0:09:48   where that technology was initially ingested into injected into the production of thin phone
0:09:57   electroluminescent displaced. Well, today you know 35 years onwards, we are still the one of the
0:10:05   leading providers of ale, the equipment and R and D solutions. And we're based in S both Finland and
0:10:15   we are still we one of the largest ale de production sites in the world today, with over 40 ale de
0:10:24   reactors for service and production and that accumulated that has accumulated from 35 years of
0:10:31   industrial experience.
0:10:34   In terms of products, we offer broadly four categories, starting with bail D systems and platforms
0:10:43   for research and development. In fact, the TFS 200 is our most installed. One of the most installed
0:10:52   research platforms for L. D. Today used extensively by universities, institutes around the world, a
0:11:01   second category is designed for wafer processing at wafer fabs or foundries, and specifically our
0:11:10   Ben IQ transform, which is the latest edition of our Our portfolio really is designed to caters to
0:11:17   flexible allowing production in emergence Enneking doctor applications. The third category is for
0:11:26   batch production and here RP Siri's, namely the P 400 A and P 800 are some of the largest reaction
0:11:36   chambers for the L. D. In the world today, and lastly we have solutions for featuring spatially LD
0:11:45   particularly roll to roll designs such as the WC as 600 system that Tommy introduced us to today. So
0:11:55   thank you, uh, for all of our listeners. And that's been a great pleasure speaking with you and
0:12:02   having this discussion. If you have any questions, do you get in touch with us on the chat section
0:12:08   below or sadness and email via the contact form. So with that, thank you, Tommy. Once again, and, uh,
0:12:16   thanks everyone for tuning into this talk and stay well and healthy. Thank you, actually.