Particle Atomic Layer Deposition:  

A Material Supplier Perspective 

Session Notes:


Paul Burlingame

President & Chief Executive Officer Air Liquide Advanced Materials 


0:00:02   again on Paul Burlingame, president, CEO of Air Liquide Advanced Materials, and I'm here to talk
0:00:07   about the materials supplier perspective on particle Atomic layer Deposition first, a little bit
0:00:14   about Ehrlich eat and a really cute advanced materials. They're lucky is a 21 billion euro company
0:00:19   based in Paris, France, and its publicly listed on the Paris Stock Exchange. The company is a
0:00:24   leading supplier of industrial gases and related services across a broad portfolio of industry where
0:00:31   we serve over three million customers and patients in industries like oil and gas, petrochemical,
0:00:36   health care, food and beverage, pharmaceutical, welding, electron, ICS and many, Many more are
0:00:44   electron ICS business represents approximately 10% of group sales and is focused on the
0:00:49   semiconductor display and photovoltaic manufacturers, where we supply industrial gases, chemicals,
0:00:56   equipment and related services. Part of electron ICS is Ehrlich Eat advanced Materials or Allam
0:01:03   Allam supplies, Advanced deposition, an etch materials and liquid solid and gas warm for next
0:01:08   generation manufacturing processes, including atomic layer, deposition, chemical vapour, Deposition
0:01:14   and Etch. Starting as Aloha In the early two thousands, which was an offshoot from air leaky
0:01:20   corporate research, the business has grown significantly at these processes have gained strong
0:01:26   trashing within the semiconductor manufacturing industry.
0:01:32   Alum operates nine factories globally, with over 650 associates were focused on safety, quality and
0:01:40   customer satisfaction, as well as being the workplace of choice for our employees. We take great
0:01:46   pride in solving tough problems through innovation and collaboration with our partners, being able
0:01:51   to proactively invest in the piloting and scale of those new molecules and the ongoing, safe,
0:01:57   reliable and high quality split of those molecules to our customers, and it cost competitive and
0:02:03   effective manner.
0:02:07   Today, our sales air realized predominantly and geography is with semiconductor manufacturing
0:02:12   presence, as you can see on the left. However, leveraging the brother Ehrlich Ead, which is present
0:02:18   in over 80 countries, we have expanded our business across most of the industrial spectrum,
0:02:24   leveraging Ehrlich EADS. Existing relationships and positions within those customers with these
0:02:29   customers were able to leverage our strong technology and product portfolio bases You could see on
0:02:35   the right, including metal oxide, medical metals, silicon and epic taxi sources to these new
0:02:41   applications to bring our strong molecule positions to them as well as develop new molecules for our
0:02:47   customers.
0:02:52   Our development growth trajectory has been fully aligned in supportive of the overall atomic layer
0:02:58   deposition evolution over the past two decades, again starting in the air like he'd group R and D in
0:03:05   the early two thousands are teams collaborated with universities? OM customers. I'm sure many of you
0:03:11   there in the audience in order to explore opportunities. These opportunities quickly created
0:03:18   business opportunities for us. To address this, we started what we called the Aloha business and
0:03:24   launched several products that helped enable multi patterning trench capacitance, global gap fill
0:03:30   and deep channel etch. In addition, many of you will note that in 2013 we acquired Vortex to further
0:03:37   accelerate our ability to research, develop and deliver new molecules for next generation thin film
0:03:43   applications.
0:03:48   So when a traditional semiconductor materials company like Ehrlich keyed advanced materials, looks a
0:03:55   particle a L d. What do we see? We see the well known advantages of ale de in semiconductor
0:04:01   manufacturing for die electric conduction and insulation. But we also know Ale de provides great
0:04:07   resistance to corrosion and oxidation, strong strength bonding adherents and even optical tuning.
0:04:15   With this comes unprecedented opportunities in a variety of industries and applications
0:04:27   its semiconductor applications, such as the D ran memory Deep Channel deposition example. Shown on
0:04:33   the left. We can deliver superior come formality, film, thickness control and the ability to tune
0:04:40   the film's competition composition. The same benefits certainly apply for particle ale de. However,
0:04:46   one of the key challenges is the size of the developed surface being several orders of magnitude
0:04:52   greater than a traditional 300 millimeter semiconductor wafer. For a 10 millimeter particle, the
0:04:57   equivalent area is over 10 times out of semiconductor wafer. When we goto a five centimeter particle.
0:05:04   However, the equivalent area is out of Central Park in New York City. Thus, the technology
0:05:09   collaboration operating mode in business models must adapt and be alive
0:05:17   to do this. Our view and our business model revolves around close collaboration with partners and
0:05:23   customers. That's been the core of our ale de success in semiconductors, and we believe it will be
0:05:29   no different in particle ale. De success only comes when the end customer process, so AM and
0:05:35   materials supplier are leveraging their relative strengths and insights and collaborating, exploring
0:05:40   and aligned on the technology, investment and high volume production roadmaps. This is a virtuous
0:05:48   cycle of experimenting, learning, adapting and eventually delivers the right solution at the right
0:05:54   price point for the market. It truly leads to a win win win scenario for all three parties for the
0:06:00   long term.
0:06:06   From the materials company perspective, we start with chemistry. Of course, we're constantly
0:06:11   creating new materials and experimenting with different structures processes in conditions. We then
0:06:17   look at the molecules performance in terms of volatility, reactivity, selectivity and other key
0:06:23   performance criteria. In addition, care must be given to the materials, compatibility, packaging and
0:06:30   metrology. Further, we must have a clear understanding of not only the molecule itself, but also the
0:06:36   byproducts from these processes, as he brought up by products can affect performance safety or
0:06:42   perhaps even become a new product amongst themselves. Lastly, but most importantly, we're looking at
0:06:49   the value creation in the eyes of the customer. Does the film solve the technology challenge? Does
0:06:55   it provide a competitive advantage to the customer? What needs to be done to meet the time to market
0:07:01   needs of the customer? When we do all of these things and mawr, we provide a tremendous value to the
0:07:06   entire ecosystem and a differentiated manner that in turn enables strong shareholder returns for all
0:07:12   those involved.
0:07:17   I like to think of our process this way from a development perspective. We have some of the top
0:07:22   chemists and scientists in the world constantly exploring, experimenting and collecting data would
0:07:28   give them great latitude to explore. Any avenue they see is a potential opportunity for an
0:07:36   application specific need. We can then select from our numerous potential options and jittery with
0:07:42   our partners on the possibilities, narrowing that down to from maybe, ah 100 compounds down to Tet.
0:07:49   We then test those compounds over learning, tweaking, modifying where eventually that will lead to
0:07:57   an end user integration of two or three finalists, which eventually leads to the selection of one.
0:08:05   This iterative process gives tremendous benefit and results in a well thought out and validated
0:08:11   solution. An example, if you can see on the bottom. Here was a zirconium oxide hike, a capacitor
0:08:17   case where we started with well over 50 different variations of the zirconium and eventually led
0:08:24   Teoh Proprietary product called Zyl that's currently in the market place today. An example of this
0:08:32   three way collaboration is a new proprietary silicon oxide source with greater than three silicon
0:08:38   atoms in close collaboration collaboration with Theo Am, who brought a high speed spatial ale de
0:08:45   tool. A deep trench ray application was be able to deliver it at Quote a L. D. The speed at the
0:08:51   speed of Stevie Dee, which was quite remarkable for the time and again, has been a tremendous
0:08:55   success in the market for all the company,
0:08:59   a trend we continue to see with this is the time to market reducing getting shorter and shorter.
0:09:08   When the solution levers is existing capabilities and assets, the path is pretty straightforward.
0:09:13   How another. However, another trend is the need for new custom molecules, which require a new
0:09:19   solution. In those cases, even greater collaboration, trust and alignment are necessary as the
0:09:26   resource ING and investment requirements could be significant and be required to be made well.
0:09:30   Advance of the final solution determination. Further, the regulatory and compliance environment is
0:09:36   getting more and more complex and stringent, which from a protection of people and the planet is a
0:09:41   really good thing, however, does add cost in time to the process.
0:09:49   On that note, safety has been and always will be our top priority, and our license to operate by
0:09:55   design are molecules are highly reactive, with many being pira for IQ. If you can see here in the
0:10:00   picture on left where we were conducting a firefight of training and water reaction demonstrations,
0:10:08   the value of safety permeates throughout Alum, where each employee is fully empowered and expected
0:10:13   to stop work if it cannot be done safely. Further, it is our moral obligation to ensure that our
0:10:19   customers and partners are equally safe in their application of our product. As safety is, our
0:10:25   license to operate quality is a requirement to stay in business every year. The quality expectations
0:10:31   of our customers is increasing per the photo to the right where 10 years ago ah, 2.5 liter bottle of
0:10:39   contaminant in late Baltic and Switzerland there would be acceptable today at a PPT level, the
0:10:47   equivalent there would be one drop in late balls in
0:10:54   so with applications ranging from autonomous cars to medical devices to pharmaceuticals and beyond.
0:10:59   It's imperative that we're able to provide zero defects to bring this all together. Alum has an ever
0:11:07   evolving stage get process to ensure all elements safety quality, performance permitting and
0:11:13   compliance cost packaging, analytical capability scale are all synchronized and complete at each
0:11:22   step of the gate. This process is a collaborative one with the Oei, EMS and end user to ensure all
0:11:28   parties have achieved the gates requirements from required, and that the parties air aligned on the
0:11:32   timing and resource is needed to achieve future gates. It is only through this rigor and expertise
0:11:39   that we can assure all necessary elements are in place so we can deliver the right product at the
0:11:43   right time and in the right manner.
0:11:47   So in summary, we are very excited about particle ale, D and C multiple applications where
0:11:52   tremendous value can be created. We also see where we can contribute to particle ale de in a
0:11:58   meaningful, meaningful way and will do so to the best of our ability, leveraging what's worked for
0:12:04   us in ailed de for semiconductor, but also being open and knowledgeable that new ways of working are
0:12:11   required. Should you have any questions? I look forward to a lively Q and A session and of course,
0:12:16   the opportunity to see you soon when appropriate. Thank you